day 1 agenda

5th Edition- World Congress on Pediatrics and Neonatology 2024(WCPN-2024)
Barcelona, Spain (Hybrid Event)
Tentative Program
 Day 1- September 19, 2024 
08:00-08:45 Welcome & Registrations
08:45-09:00 Opening Remarks
WCPN-2024  Habit Cough Syndrome- Diagnosis and Treatment
Miles Weinberger, University of California, United States
Group Photo
Refreshment Break 
Technical session- I
WCPN-2024 The Clinical Management of Pompe Disease: A Pediatric Perspective
JORGE SALES MARQUES, Hospital Ordem da Trindade, Portugal
WCPN-2024 An update to pediatric patients presenting with sepsis in the inpatient setting
Sarah Kandil, Yale School of Medicine, United States
WCPN-2024 Importance and Potential of European Cross-border Deceased Donor Organ Allocation through FOEDUS-EOEO Platform
Franz Immer, Swisstransplant, Switzerland
WCPN-2024 Adjusting ventilator settings to avoid air trapping in extremely premature infants reduces the need for tracheostomy and length of stay
Rebecca Rose, Indiana University, United States
WCPN-2024  Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Obesity in Prader Willi Syndrome: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
 Stephan Myers, Drexel University, United States
WCPN-2024 Caregiver–infant and toddler interactions during diapering: Caregiver responsiveness and child well-being and Involvement
Deborah E. Laurin, Independent Researcher/Consultant, Canada
WCPN-2024 Two thesis work on perinatal asphyxia and neonatal sepsis
Lunch Break
Technical session- II
WCPN-2024 A radiomics based approach using adrenal gland and periadrenal fat CT images to fairly allocate COVID-19 health care resources
Mudan Zhang, Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, China
WCPN-2024 A retrospective analysis of MS/MS screening for IEM in high-risk areas
XUEKai Shi, The Second Nanning People’s Hospital, China
WCPN-2024 Speaker Slot Available
WCPN-2024 Exstrophy epispadias complex: are the kidneys and kidney function spared?
Cleper, Roxana, Tel Aviv University, Israel
WCPN-2024 The care of the magic of life before and after its beginning
Jorge César Martínez, Del Salvador University, Argentina
WCPN-2024 Speaker Slot available
WCPN-2024 Evaluating the first two years of a new mobile HPV vaccination program in South Carolina, U.S.
Marvella E. Ford, Medical University of South Carolina, United States
Refreshment Break 
WCPN-2024 Is macrosomic baby of non-diabetic mother a high risk baby?
Marta Buraczewska, Pomeranian Hospitals, Poland
WCPN-2024 Perinatal phenotype and genotype spectrum of RASopathies - When to test fetuses for RASopathies? Proposition from a systematic analysis of 352 multicenter cases and a postnatal cohort
Alexandra Scott, University of Montreal, Canada
WCPN-2024 Speaker Slot available
WCPN-2024 Does bigger mean healthier? Foetal Macrosomia and neonatal outcomes 10-years retrospective study
Amelia Ehmer, Wejherowo Specialistic Hospital, Poland
WCPN-2024 Cholbam and Zellweger spectrum disorders: treatment implementation and management
Jan Anderson, MUSC, United States
WCPN-2024 Speaker Slot available
WCPN-2024 The Neurodevelopmental Profile and Stages of Regression in Phelan-Mc Dermid Syndrome
Yumi Dille, McGill University, Canada
Pannel Discussions 
Note: This program is tentative and may be subject to change
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day 2 agenda

World Pediatrics & Neonatology Congress - 2024 (WCPN-2024) 
Sept 19-20, Barcelona, Spain
Day-2 (Sept 20, 2024)
Meeting Hall: A
Registrations Open (08:00–08:40)
Welcome Ceremony (08:40–09:00)
Keynote Talks/Plenary Talks (09:00–10:30)
Group Photo @Hall (or) Foyer(10:30–10:50)
Refreshment Break @ Foyer
Morning Session (10:50–13:00)
Lunch Break(13:00–14:00)
Afternoon Session (14:00–16:00)
Refreshment Break (16:00-16:20)
Evening Session ((16:20–18:00)
Day-1 Concludes
Pannel Discussions
World Pediatrics & Neonatology Congress - 2024 (WCPN-2024) 
Sept 19-20, Barcelona, Spain
Day-2 (Sept 20, 2024)
Meeting Hall: A
Keynote Session (09:00- 10:50)
Refreshment Break (10:50–11:10)
Morning Session (10.50–13.00)
Lunch Break (13:00–14:00)
Afternoon Session (14.00–16.00)
Poster Presentations (16:00–17:00)
Refreshment Break (17:00–17:20)
Day-02 Concludes
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Virtual agenda

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Poster agenda

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